The all new NaturalFit Advanced Feeding System by Chicco


Chicco  recently launched a new line of bottles, the NaturalFit Advanced Feeding System. This system adapts to the changing feeding styles (sucking) of babies with 3 stages of nipple shapes.

Stage 1 Squeezing Stage: angled nipple with a wider and rounded base, 0-4 months, 2 flow rates of newborn (0+ months) and medium (2+ months), 2 bottle sizes (5 oz and 8 oz)

Stage 2 Transition Stage: straight nipple with a rounded base, 4+ months, adjust the flow rate based on how you position the nipple in your baby’s mouth by placing the nipple in baby’s mouth with the desired number closest to baby’s chin (position 1 is slow, 2 is medium, 3 opens widest for a faster flow)

Stage 3 Sucking Stage: elongated nipple with a less rounded base, 6+ months,  the longer nipple encourages correct swallowing as baby’s suck-swallow pattern becomes more efficient, nipple has multiple holes for a faster flow rate, Y-cut nipple is also available for introducing thicker liquids

All NaturalFit™ nipples are made of extra-soft, supple silicone to resemble the breast. The natural shape and texture of the nipples are ideal for easy transition between breast and bottle. The bottles are ergonomically shaped to make it easy and comfortable to hold.