ABC Fun Pads – Coffee Table Covers

fun pads

Many of us move or remove our coffee tables once our babies become mobile. The risk of injury is not worth keeping the table in the way.¬†ABC Fun Pads has a product that solves your coffee table worries. Their ¬†padded Table Covers protect your child from corners and edges. Available in different sizes, and 2 fun themes – Elmo and City Adventure, your little one will take great joy in the images. While it does not look very “adult” having these covers in the middle of your family room, the function is great but then they are so easy to remove (elastic edges) when you have guest over or just flip over for the solid side. The Table Covers also serve as a writing surface, just use washable markers and wipe off when done or toss it into the washing machine. These ready made Table Covers are a genius way to easily keep your table and ensure that your baby is safe.