KID Report: Only 10% of Recalled Items are Fixed or Returned

Did you know that according to the organization, Kids in Danger (KID), only 10% of recalled items are actually either fixed or returned by the consumer? A new report released by KID shows that many companies are not using social media to get the word out of their recalls. Therefore, consumers are not finding out about recalls for the products they all ready own and then continuing to use unsafe products. It is time for companies to step up but also time for parents to be more aware and vigilant of recalls. A great way to keep on top of recalls is to regularly check the KID website or follow them on Twitter and Facebook where they post every recall. Another sure fire way to stay up to date on the products you own is to fill in those registration cards you get with your baby and children products. The registration cards do not require postage so why not do it. Registering with your email address on the card is the best way to get notified of a recall.

Some other useful links: – File a report about an unsafe product and search for recalls (United States Consumer Products Safety Commission) – Report unsafe products and search for recalls