Daddy & Company’s new web series “My Life As A Dad”

Daddy & Company has developed a new web series called “My Life As A Dad.” This web series will feature new celebrity and professional athlete dads discussing fatherhood and everything related to it. Columbus Short who s making his return to TV on the recent season debut of ABC’s hit show “Scandal,” is the first celebrity dad to appear on “My Life As A Dad.”

My Life As A Dad is produced and directed by Tommy Reid, who is best known for Kill the Irishman, and I know that Voice. Robert ‘Daddy’ Nickell, founder of Daddy & Company is the host and executive producer. Nickell created the show to help fill the void of resources for dads. There is so much available and geared towards moms but not as much for dads. “My Life As A Dad” delves into the parenting philosophies of the celebrities and learning how they balance work with fatherhood.