Kiwi hits the Bullseye!


A few years ago I wrote about Kiwi Crate, which are subscription activity boxes for kids. Geared towards kids from ages 3-7, Kiwi Crate is a fun way for your kids to receive mail and keep them busy for a few hours. Kiwi Crate partnered with Target to sell their hands-on, creative boxes at 250 stores. As of this week, the boxes are available in store or online for $19.99. You can now try 4 of the most popular themes of Kiwi Crate at your local Target  store (Racing Wind Cars, Pom Pom Pets, Modern Art and Flying Kites) with even more themes available online. If you have not all ready subscribed to Kiwi Crate, next time you are at Target, pick up a box for your kids and watch the magic happen.

**While at Target, snap a picture of the Kiwi Crate display at Target (hint: in Toy department in the “Green” section near the games) and share on Kiwi Crate’s Facebook Page!