VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor

To have your baby safely sleeping in one room while you are in the furthest possible room is only possible with a baby monitor. You do not need a video monitor to keep tabs on your baby, but at the minimum an audio monitor is necessary. For only $39.95, the VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor will give you the peace that you need to be free in your house.



  • DECT 6.0 Digital Technology – total digital transmission eliminates background noise and prevents interference
  • Secure transmission – digitized transmission eliminates background noise and interference, ensuring videos are private and secure.
  • Vibrating sound-alert on the parent unit
  • Rechargable battery with low-battery alert on the parent unit
  • Parent unit has a range of 1000 feet
  • Up to 18 hours of monitoring time on a single charge
  • 5-level sound indicator via LED lights
  • Graphic bars on the parent unit indicate the level of sound in your baby’s room so you can visually monitor the noise level with the unit muted.
  • Talk back intercom for 2 way communication
  • Paging button on baby monitor – if you misplace the parent monitor press the paging button and the parent monitor will beep for 2 minutes.
  • Night light – auto-on feature
  • The loop on the baby unit doubles as a night light.
  • Belt clip
  • Volume control
  • Backlit display on the parent unit – auto-turns off so you need to press a button to turn on the display or it will turn on if sound is detected
  • Additional parent unit available for purchase

The one common complaint about the Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor is that the battery life is short. The manufacturer claims an 18 hour charge but users are not having that experience. They end up charging the parent unit after 6 or so hours which is way different than the claim of 18. Other than that this monitor is super popular and high rated.

Audio monitors have come a long way since the early ones. They are clear, safe and lack interruption so why not an audio monitor instead of a video monitor. If you feel content just hearing your baby and talking to them via the 2-way communication then the VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor is a good bet. The only advantage of a video monitor is being able to see your baby. Some monitors have more advanced features with the video and temperature gauge, tilt camera, zoom camera etc but then you pay an arm and a leg for it. This audio monitor is only $40 (less if it is on sale which it currently is on Amazon) and will work amazingly well!