VTech Safe & Sound Full Color Video & Audio Baby Monitor


Putting your little one to bed means its time for you to put your feet up. The only way you can really relax is with a video or audio monitor so you can keep track of your baby. The must-have VTech Safe & Sound Full Color Video & Audio Baby Monitor will fully allow you to take a load off since not only can you hear your baby but you can also watch your baby from the comforts of the couch.

Baby Unit (Camera) Features:

  • Infrared LED – watch your baby at night and without disturbing them
  • Built-in 2-way intercom – talk to your baby from the parent unit
  • Wall mountable
  • Adjustable camera lens
  • Swivel, tilt and zoom from the parent unit
  • Camera Battery Compartment – Add four AA batteries (not included) to the camera for up to 4.5 hours of video streaming
  • Full Motion Video – Up to 22 frames per second of full color, dynamic frame rate video provides excellent viewing of all the action in the baby’s room.

Parent Unit Features:

  • Full color video
  • 2.8 inch LCD full color screen
  • Split screen – viewing modes include single view, dual view, and quad view split screen to view up to 4 rooms at the same time
  • Temperature indicator – displays temperature of baby’s room
  • Vibrating sound alert when the volume is mute
  • 6 level sound indicator
  • Rechargeable battery with low battery level indicator

Additional features:

  • 1000 feet range
  • Digital transmission – 2.4GHz system prevents interference from other devices
  • 5 calming melodies can be played from the camera

VTech Safe & Sound Full Color Video & Audio Baby Monitor has received average reviews. Many users love it but then equally, many users complain about static, video image quality, a unit breaking etc. To VTechs credit, they have responded to users  negative/bad experience reviews on Amazon (most manufactures do not do that). The  Safe & Sound Full Color Video & Audio Baby Monitor is a decent video monitor that retails for about $180. It is not the best out there but it is not the worst when it comes to video monitors. VTech has other great monitors such as their Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor, which is  much cheaper and more reliable (although it is only audio) for only $40.