WOW! Its the Wow Cup!

wow cup

There is a new cup on the market that claims to be spill free. We were a little skeptical to how spill free it really is so here is our review of the Wow Cup. Started by designers from Norway and the US, the Wow Cup came about because the designers wanted to make a practical and functional cup for kids and adults alike. The cups were made to be spill free which means they are hassle and stress free.

Wow Cups come in different sizes for different ages but they are all made with the same patented technology. The cups have a 360° EVEN-SEAL™ flexible drinking edge that automatically seals after you take a sip. The cup does not have any spouts, levers or buttons. Just pick up the cup and start drinking from any where on the rim.

wow cup2

Wow Baby – 9+ months, 7 oz cups with removable handles

Wow Kids – 12+ months; 9 oz cups; for those final stages prior to graduating to an open cup, the silicone lid can be removed and our optional Flow Reduction Plug (FRP) can be installed to use the cup as an open cup system but with a 360° uniform flow of liquid that is less than a fully opened round cup; 3 dishwasher safe pieces to clean

Wow Life - 12 or 16 oz cups, silicone sleeve, dishwasher safe

All Wow Cups are 100% BPA & Phthalate free and made only from the safest food-grade plastic materials. One sidenote is that the cups are only meant for cold drinks. 



On the downside, one common complaint is that it takes a few tries for kids to figure out how to use the cup. The sucking is different than what they are use to so have them keep trying until they get it. Adults will get it right away and appreciate the spill proof cup when taking it on the go but kids may take a while to figure out how to use it. Another issue is that it is not 100% spill proof, droplets can occur on the rim when the cup is tilted, turned upside down etc. It is not a lot of spillage but droplets nonetheless. Also, the cup does not come with an lid (sold separately) so you can’t easily put the Wow Cup in your diaper bag without risk of droplets getting your bag contents wet. Finally, the last problem with the Wow Cup is the price tag. It is quite expensive but seeing as how most users love the cup, it may just be worth the investment for your child.