Creep Hacks Into Baby Monitor


Recently a creepy man made his way into the room of a 10 month old baby via the baby monitor. Parents in Cincinnati, Ohio were getting ready for bed when they heard a man’s voice coming from the baby’s room.

Mamas & Papas Armadillo Stroller


The new Armadillo stroller by Mamas & Papas is known as the “big little stroller” because it is a happy medium between lightweight, umbrella stroller and full sized, full-featured stroller. This is a modern stroller for the modern, busy family.

Screen-Free Week is May 5-11, 2014


Screen-Free Week is a fun celebration in which people of all ages are encouraged to turn off the TV, iPad, video games, computer, phones etc and enjoy the world around you. The purpose is not to say that screens are bad or you should never use them, but the purpose is to show us that there is so much more that we can do without screens dominating our lives.

Infantino Grow-With-Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit


A Parents highlight toy of 2013 is the Infantino Grow-With-Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit. For newborns and non-sitting babies, this is an activity gym and mat but once your baby is sitting, it can become a safe play space and eventually you can introduce the ball pit as your baby gets older.

Kids and their Changing Teeth

dental braces

Many of our readers are still only pregnant with their first child so kids and their changing teeth is not of much interest to you yet. You are probably more interested in when your baby will get their first baby teeth. Although, once your child gets to the age of losing teeth (my oldest) then the process of baby teeth falling out and adult teeth growing in becomes an interesting topic.

How to Conceive a Girl Using an App on your Phone!

stork diet

A new app available on iOS and Android claims to help people like my husband and I…conceive a girl. I know it does not sound real but phone technology can help and here is the scoop. The StorkDiet/Girl “is a natural and scientific based guide that includes a specific maternal diet and conception timing program.”

How to teach our Children to be Green

earth with children holding hands

I know Earth Day almost over, but it does not mean you cannot do things to save our earth everyday. Today is just a reminder for us that we need to protect our earth and that there are a lot of things we can do on a daily basis to be green. Our earth is our children’s future and we need to teach them the importance of taking care of it.

The Latest Trends in Baby Parties


Some of the latest trends in baby making, baby showers and gender reveal parties have gone to the point of crazy. Any excuse or reason to have an event and people are doing it. Our society of over-sharing, selfishness and materialism has created this need to make something out of nothing or something out of what was once personal.

Joovy Spoon Walker


Even though walkers are not recommended for babies, if you are intent on buying one, the Joovy Spoon is a dual purpose walker that many parents will love. In line with the Joovy brand, the Spoon is practical and contemporary with clean and simple lines. No sensory overloaded products here.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

formula pro

If I had a baby on formula, I would so buy the Baby Brezza Formula Pro and place it right next to my Keurig. The Formula Pro looks like a Keurig so it just looks cool on any counter top. Just like the Keurig, with the Formula Pro the hassle and time involved with preparing a bottle of formula is eliminated.

More Frozen Mania


Yesterday I shared one of the Frozen books I received from Disney Publishing Worldwide. Well since Frozen mania is here to stay for a while, I wanted to share a few more Frozen books that I received from Disney Publishing Worldwide. These books range in age appropriateness so your younger child all the way to […]

A Look into Disney’s “A Sister More Like Me” by Barbara Jean Hicks

sister more like me

Anything Frozen related is all the rage with little girls, boys and adults alike. The movie was wonderful but it left some of the audience wondering, what was Anna and Elsa’s relationship like for 13 years? If you are just a tad curious about the sister’s relationship and enjoyed the movie, then the book A Sister More Like Me, by Barbara Jean Hicks, answers those questions.