Screen-Free Week is May 5-11, 2014


Screen-Free Week is a fun celebration in which people of all ages are encouraged to turn off the TV, iPad, video games, computer, phones etc and enjoy the world around you.The purpose is not to say that screens are bad or you should never use them, but the purpose is to show us that there is so much more that we can do without screens dominating our lives. This is your opportunity to be more active as an individual and as a family. It is one thing to plug in because you have to for school or work but when your obligations are done, un-plug and do something different. 

If you plan to unplug next week, prepare your family and start planning out activities so when the time comes, you or your children are not bored. Create a calendar of events so everyone knows what will happen every day instead of the screen. Get family and friends involved with your activities to make it even more exciting for everyone.

Here is a short and quick list of activities you can do with your children besides plugging in:

  • Read together or alone but just read!
  • Go to the park
  • Go for a walk (nature walk) – instead of turning on the TV after dinner, take a walk
  • Ride bikes
  • Cook together – learn a new recipe or make something the family loves to eat (look up your new recipe before SFW begins)
  • Have a picnic – in your backyard, at a park or even at home
  • Volunteer – teach your children about community service
  • Attend a local event Screen-Free related or anything else (concert, library activity)
  • Go the the library and borrow books
  • Create an art project at home (buy blank greeting cards and have the kids decorate them so when you do need cards for a birthday or any occasion you have a bunch ready to go, make Mother’s Day gifts)
  • Bowling
  • Visit your local museum or zoo
  • Play board games
  • Make a vegetable garden (perfect time to start)
  • Do yard work instead of hiring someone else to clean, do you as a family
  • Spring clean – this is the season to tackle your house, room by room. Get the family involved in decluttering.
  • Write a letter (not email) to a friend, family member or even your favorite author

If your whole family can go through the week unplugged, give them fun incentive for Sunday. Go out to eat at your favorite family restaurant or go somewhere fun. Make it fun for everyone!

If you feel the desire to get more involved with Screen-Free Week, attend an event, host an event or take the pledge (I just did it) to unplug for Screen-Free Week.