Creep Hacks Into Baby Monitor

Recently a creepy man made his way into the room of a 10 month old baby via the baby monitor. Parents in Cincinnati, Ohio were getting ready for bed when they heard a man’s voice coming from the baby’s room. When mom checked the monitor, she noticed wireless-baby-monitorthe camera moving on its own and she heard a man yelling at her daughter to wake up. Once the terrified couple realized what was going on, they immediately unplugged the camera from the baby’s room but the damage had all ready been done.¬†This same scenario happened to a family in Texas last year. An intruder hacked into their monitor and screamed expletives at their 2 year old daughter.

These hacks are possible with baby monitors that rely on WIFI. It is scary but a reality and can happen to anyone because even though the monitors say they are secure, your particular brand may need an update (This is what happened to the Ohio couple, their monitor needed an update that they did not know about.) or it may have to do with your own network and router protection.

Here are some easy thing you can do to make sure your family is never a victim of a monitor hacker:

  • Have a strong password with numbers and letters for your WIFI password.
  • Change all default settings on your router, modem and baby monitor (change default user name and password change on camera).
  • Turn on a firewall around your home network.
  • Register your product so you are kept abreast of security updates.
  • Consider a non-Internet connected baby monitor.