Thermos Foogo Vacuume Insulated Leak-Proof Food Jar

I discovered Thermos Foogo Vacuum Insulated Leak-Proof Food Jar 5 years ago and have used their products ever since. Stainless steel, BPA free Food Jars that are useful for babies or kids. I used my Foogo often when my kids were young and I had to leave the house. They needed their homemade pureed baby food warm and the Foogo kept it warm for quite a while. Now my boys take the Foogo to school when I send warm lunch (pasta, rice etc). Their food is still warm by the time lunch rolls around. I really like that the Foogo Food Jars are kid-friendly, kid-sized and easy for them to open and close.


Thermos also makes other products such as Foogo sippy cups, straw cups, snack jars, etc. The other Foogo product that I really like are their stainless steel straw cups and sippy cups. I love that the contents will remain cold (12 hours for straw cups and 6  hours for sippy cup) and you can take the sippy or straw cup to go without also packing it with an ice pack or worrying about the contents getting warm and spoiling.
Thermos has been known for their superior products and according to a study conducted at Cornell University, Foogo sippy cups were found to be better than similar sippy cups when it comes to the growth rate of food-borne illnesses. The study is a few years old but Thermos has had a name for themselves since 1904 so there is something to be said about a company that has been around for a century.