Mother’s Day Gift Guide

What moms really want for Mother’s Day is not the expected chocolate, flowers, jewelry and clothes. Those are great but really there are other things that we would love even more. I appreciate and love the gifts from my husband, do not get me wrong, but when it comes to my children, I want something from the heart. The memories they create for me are the things that I will cherish the most. I know it sounds cheesy but its so true. I get so happy seeing the excitement that my son has when he says “I made presents for you at school but I can’t tell you. I am going to hide them so you can’t see.” He also has a plan for the day for me and it warms my heart that he thinks so much of me to do that.

When it comes to Mother’s day, the more expensive the gift does not mean a happier mom. It is more about the action and thoughts than how much your money can buy. Mothers-Day

Here is a short list of things most moms would be happy to have for Mother’s Day:

1. A day without any crying, whining, fighting and fussing. Ask your husband to referee for the day. 

2. Breakfast in bed or made by the kids and husband is fantastic but PLEASE do not leave the clean up for us!

3. Anything handmade or a handwritten letter by the kids.

4. Some time alone, even if it is only 1 hour. We will take what we can get.

5. Quality time with the kids. Not the work, just the fun (family picnic, brunch, movie etc…)

6. A clean house.

7. A gift card to a store and send mom to that store for some shopping time.

8. Sleep. Either sleep in or take an afternoon nap.

9. A clean car – inside and out.

10. A simple hug and thank-you from the husband and kids. We do a lot as moms and those small words mean so much when they come from the heart.

In case you are not sure, here is a list of things not to give us:

1. Cleaning supplies including cleaning gadgets (vacuum).

2. Kitchen gadgets – we will get what we need!

3. Lingerie – this is not the day for that.

4. Something that is more for the kids than for mom.

5. Something that is more for yourself, the husband, than for mom (a new TV).

6. Gym membership – no subtle hints needed!

7. Nothing – do not ignore the day!