Bouche Baby Take N’ Shake Bottles

Do you have a formula fed baby? If so, then Bouche Baby has the perfect solution for how to take formula on the go. Their Take N’ Shake bottles are standard feeding bottles but the clincher is the integrated formula compartment. But wait, there is more, the bottle also coverts to a sippy cup (add handles and sippy nipple) when the time is right.

Bouche Baby Facts:bouche baby

  • BPA free and chemical free Tritan
  • Slow flow colic free nipple
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Nipples available in 0-3 months slow flow, 3-6 months medium flow and 6+ months fast flow
  • Sippy cup conversion kit available
  • 2 bottle sizes – 5oz or 9 oz

To use:

Add formula to the bottom storage compartment, attach the sieve, add water into the bottle and seal. When you’re ready to feed your baby, unscrew, flip, shake, and serve. The formula and water are kept separate until you unscrew the cap. The sieve prevents the formula from clumping.

The Bouche Baby system is the easy answer for formula feeding on the go parents. You no longer need to carry those formula tubs, which are large, nor do you have to carry formula separately and take the time to measure and add to the bottle when baby is ready for it. Bouche Baby takes one stress away from parents!