LeapFrog leaps into the World of Fitness Trackers (For Kids)

Fitness trackers are a hot fad these days. They may encourage you to get up and move but most people eventually tire of them. I almost got one for myself but I realized that the fun would be fleeting because I know it would get old after a while. Even though it is just a fad, people are buying them and companies are constantly coming out with newer and better ones. It is only fitting that a toy company decided to jump on the bandwagon and create a kids version of the fitness trackers. LeapFrog, known for their high-tech electronics will come out with theĀ LeapBand in August 2014. The point is to encourage children to get up and play. The watch is customizable with 8 virtual pets to choose from (choose the animal, color and name) and then engage in 14 pre-loaded challengesn(wiggle like a worm). Not only does the watch teach physical activity but it also teaches nutrition, hygiene and health. The motivating factor is that as you are active, you earn points to unlock rewards (more games or treats for your pet) for other devices.


  • Audio instructions for pre-readers
  • Parent controls – set school and quiet time modes
  • Rechargeable battery (lasts 4-6 days)
  • Water resistant but NOT water proof
  • High resolution screen
  • Back lighting
  • 3 colors – pink, blue, green
  • For ages 4-7

I think the idea behind the LeapBand is fun but we all know it will be fleeting. Most children will get tired of it or eventually forget about it because that is the nature of children. If you really need some device to encourage your children to move then maybe it is not so bad to look into but if your children are anything like mine, begging to play outside any moment of the day then this will probably not last nor is it needed.

The LeapBand will retail for $39.99 and will be available in August.