Its a bird, its a plane, its the Nap \-Sac

Double duty baby products are rare but when you find one, you just cannot pass it up. The Nap-Sac by Lilly Gold is a “deluxe diaper bag that folds open into a self-contained changing station or comfy bassinet.” This $125 product is expensive but it eliminates the need for multiple items when travelling with baby (even if it is just a few hours away).

lill gold


  • 4 padded sides keep baby contained and safe within 4 walls for sleeping or a diaper change
  • Made of durable, nylon canvas
  • Carry on the shoulder like a tote bag or across the body like a messenger bag
  • Wide, adjustable, padded shoulder strap
  • Large, easy-to-grab, up-facing zips on the 6 expand-out pockets
  • Wet proof plastic cover on bottom
  • Comes with a soft, white cotton slip for changing and 2 zebra print sheet for sleeping
  • Spacious pockets
  • As a bag: 17Lx7Wx14H
  • As a bassinet/changing station: 29Lx18Wx8H”
  • Available in black or white

Something to keep in mind, the Nap-Sac is functional, not stylish so do not expect a “cute” diaper bag. It will look decent but not “cute.” The Nap-Sac is not the way to go if you want a diaper bag that screams style.

The Nap-Sac is awesome for so many reasons but let me name a few. You are at the parsk with your older child and get tired of holding your baby. Open the bag and create a safe place to put baby down to play or nap. You can open the Nap-Sac anywhere you are and you have sleeping and changing covered with easy access to all baby items. The Nap-Sac does not run cheap but it is perfect for parents who are on the go!