Keep Your Baby Cool in the Car Seat with Cool Mee Liners

cool me liner

Hot summer days means a hot car seat for your little one. Meeno Babies has figured out a way to keep little bums cooler in the car. Cool Mee Liners are made of a 3-ply poly-mesh material (100% polyester) that promotes airflow between your child and their car seat. Warm air flows out, preventing your little one from overheating and perspiring. Removable and easy to wash, Cool Mee Liners also double as a car seat protector from stains. Cool Mee Liners are available for infant car seats, convertible car seats and strollers. Available in multiple color option, Cool Mee Liners will match any car seat or stroller.


A few negatives:

  • Liner shifts with a squirmy baby. There is a verlcro strap to keep it in place but the velcro strap is not very effective.
  • If your baby sleeps with their head tilted to the side then their head will not be on the liner. When my daughter falls asleep in the car she always tilts her head and on warm days her neck and head get so sweaty. A larger Liner for the head would solve this problem.

Cool Mee Bucket Seat Liner – $39.99

Cool Mee Car Seat Liner – $39.99

Cool Mee Stroller Liner – $44.99