Munchkin LATCH is here!


Munchkin has a new line on the market. The LATCH bottle, is a newly, reinvented bottle that is different than anything else because the nipple on the bottle mimics nursing. This new bottle will simplify the transition from breast to bottle and back again.

While I do not have a newborn in my house anymore, I still had the opportunity to review the bottle. I could not test it on anyone but I took a look at this impressive new bottle and was very surprised. It is what it claims to be.

LATCH Bottle’s unique qualities:

1. Stretch – When nursing, proper latch is achieved when mom’s nipple reaches far back to the soft palette in baby’s mouth. The LATCH bottle has an accordion-style nipple that stretches like mom’s nipple, allowing baby to latch easily and correctly.



2. Pump – Also, when nursing, baby controls milk flow by applying pressure to the base of mom’s nipple. Similarly, the bottle releases more milk when baby pushes on the base of the nipple.



3. Move – The bottle minimizes colic because the accordion-style nipple flexes as baby moves their head which allows baby to keep the latch and decrease ingestion of air.


4. Valve – One way anti-colic valve on the bottom of the bottle allows for milk flow while preventing air bubbles. This is a great feature in preventing gas and fussiness.


The Munchkin LATCH bottles are the newest bottles on the market. They are sure to be a hit because they are the best in terms of preventing nipple confusion while also preventing colic. Available in 4 oz, 8 oz and as a transition sippy cup, your baby can use the LATCH bottles at any age.