PediaCare Smooth Melts Coming Soon!


We  are still fairly far from cold/flu/fever season but it will hit us faster than we want it to. The first sign of sickness is back to school, which is fast approaching. School restarting is the start of illnesses without a break until the spring or summer. Ahhh…the frustrations of school. pediacare

I had the chance to check out a new children’s medicine that will hit the market in 3 months. Often as children get older, they dislike ingesting liquid medicine so PediaCare came up with an idea to help older children easily take their medicines. PediaCare Smooth Melts is an Acetaminophen fever reducer and pain reliever. It is a chewable tablet for children ages 4-11. While I have not had a chance to test the tablets on my boys, but I will if the time comes, I have a feeling that the Smooth Melts will be hit in my house, especially due to the cherry flavor. I hope not to need the Smooth Melts this winter but if I do, I know what I will be offering my kids. Should you need a fever reducer for your older children, the Smooth Melts will be available just in time for winter. Keep your eyes open!