Simple Wishes B3 All-in-One Bra Review

While I am not pregnant or nursing, I was a breastfeeding mom once upon a times 3. I recently received the B3 All-in-One Bra by Simple Wishes for review. This new to the market bra allows you to wear it while breastfeeding or hands free nursing. This is a must buy because it is the only nursing bra you will ever need. Underwire free (underwires are not recommended while nursing because they can cause a blocked duct), the B3 still provides ample support (without pressure) for your enlarged, engorged and sensitive breasts.


B3 benefits:

  • Wear during pregnancy  – integrated ribcage expander allows for use during maternity/third trimester
  • Made of an Oeko-Tek certified silky soft nylon/spandex blend – provides enough stretch to move while remaining comfortable and providing support.
  • Criss-cross outer layer creates shaping and cleavage to complement a woman’s figure while providing easy access to the innovative hands-free pumping panel. You won’t feel frumpy or dumpy as a lot of other shapeless nursing bras make you feel.
  • Traditional single hand clips on the cups at the shoulders give baby full access to your breast. Unclip and nurse.
  • Cross back straps provide support where the underwires are not.
  • Patent pending removable halter strap and flange loops create additional points of support as breastpump bottles fill during pumping.


I have to attest to the B3 claims. After trying on and inspecting the B3, I agree, the bra is so soft. Your sensitive breasts will love the silkiness and support without it being too tight or loose. The fact that you can wear the same bra to nurse and pump hands free, makes this a must-buy. Going from nursing to hands-free pumping without a wardrobe change is unheard of. This is the bra for working moms who nurse in the morning and pump at work. Remain discrete and still get work done!

Every pregnant mom needs enough of the B3’s to get her through the week. You will thank Simple Wishes when you experience the B3!

The B3 retails for $59 and is available in 4 different colors (natural, black, gray, nude). Refer to the size chart to determine the right size for you, but remember your breasts will grow after delivery.