Incredible Cribs at Outrageous Prices

Nursery Works products are beyond the imagination of most people. Their products are amazing but OMG, the prices are outrageous. Founded in 2004, Nursery Works is high end furniture for uber rich. I bring this line to you so we can all drool and dream.

One of the newest products at Nursery Works is the Contour Crib. Retailing for a whopping $7500, you would think it is made of gold, but its not. The Contour is an oval shaped, pine wood crib with 3D surfaces and contoured lines. I know it sounds confusing but that’s because it is.  A high end crib that is not meant for most of us.


A little less expensive crib, the Halo, retails for $6900. Also made of solid black walnut wood, but get this, it has a24 karat gold square base. Yup, you read right, this one has gold!


The Vetro Crib is not new but its only $4500. A 100% non-toxic acrylic crib, the Vetro comes in clear or shadow. The clear is so neat because placed in a room, it almost disappears. This one is by far my favorite and not because it is on the cheaper end.



Finally, the last but new crib of Nursery Works is the cheapest, the Highlight Crib. Flip it over and it turns into an adult size desk. A $3900 investment gets you a very long term purchase.


If you could afford these cribs, which one would you purchase?