Mom & Kids Kicked Out of Restaurant for this…

Have you read the latest controversy in the world of parenting? Last week, a Texan mom of 3 daughters decided article-2721982-20723FFB00000578-376_634x634to take her children out to dinner, without her husband. As luck would have it, in the middle of the meal, her 4 month old needed a poopy diaper change. She went to the restroom which did not have a changing table so she made a decision to try to discretely change her daughter’s diaper on a chair at the table. Unfortunately other patrons complained about the act and/or smell and the restaurant owners packed up her food and escorted her out. Basically, this mom and her kids were kicked out of a pizzeria. Many people are in support of the restaurant because they think what this mom did was unsanitary and unhygienic. Lets not forget that it was also not respectful of other patrons who are enjoying a meal out. On the other hand, this mom was left in a bind and made a choice that was not the best.

What would you do in the same situation:

A). Pack up her food and kids and leave the pizzeria.

B) Do as she did and change her baby on the chair at the table.

C). Change her baby on the floor in the restroom by laying down a changing pad (knowing that fecal matter and other germs travel on shoes and are probably on the floor of the restroom).

D). Ask the restaurant owners to place a chair in the bathroom for her to change her baby.

What would you do?