BabyGanics to Keep Babies Safe!

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New York based BabyGanics was started by 2 childhood friends, Keith and Kevin, who wanted to create products to make the world a little safer for babies. When BabyGanics claims baby-safe, they mean it! All their products are free of toxic or harmful chemicals. Their list of ingredients to avoid come from Natural Product Standards as well as the EU and US lists of ingredients to avoid –parabens, phthalates, known toxins, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, etc. The “do not use” ingredient list is constantly evolving with new research and testing by their team of experts (chemists, board certified toxicologists, research scientists, dermatologists, pediatricians, regulatory experts and a whole lot of hard-working moms and dads). In a nutshell, BabyGanics, is one of those brands that really care about keeping your children safe and they will not “lie” or stretch the truth about ingredients in their products or what is safe and not safe.

One unique quality of BabyGanics, is that they have created their own blend of safe ingredients, called NeoNourish. NeoNourish® is a 100% natural, cold-pressed seed oil blend of oils from the seeds of black cumin, tomato, sunflower, cranberry and red raspberry.

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BabyGanics runs the gamut on their line of products. The products range from from laundry needs, to bath and body products to sunscreen to cleaners to diapers and wipes, plus more. I have been using the mineral-based sunscreen on my children all summer long and love it over any other sunscreen that I have tried. It comes in a spray form (not aerosol), is easy to blend in (opposed to other thicker sunscreens that leave a white film) and does the job of keeping my children protected from harmful UV rays.

An added perk,  is that BabyGanics products are free from animal testing.

If you are on the search for any “safe” products, BabyGanics is the line to try! The greatest thing is that, the products do not only have to be for kids, why can’t adults use them too?