Kaboost – Portable Chair Booster

Your child refuses to sit in the high chair but the dining chair is not high enough for them. What do you do? You could buy a booster seat or you could give your child a Kaboost. Kaboost is a compact and portable chair booster that raises the chair so your child is closer to the table. With the Kaboost, your child can sit at the dining table with the rest of the family.


  • Snaps onto chairs easily and quickly
  • Wide base makes the chair more stable than without the Kaboost
  • Holds up to 300 lbs
  • Stays attached when chair is moved
  • For children ages 2-6
  • Stretch the spring loaded arms to fit any 4 legged (round or square) chair (as long as the diagn0l distance is between 9.5 inches and 30 inches)
  • Made from heavy duty plastic
  • Rubberized feet to make it non-slip
  • 2 heights – as your child grows, use the lower level
  • Will not scratch floors
  • No assembly required
  • Folds for travel or storage
  • 3 colors – green, chocolate, natural
  • $39.99

Instead of a booster on top of the seat, why not a booster under the chair – it is more discrete and not an eye sore like many boosters. Boosters also are not the best on upholstered chairs…they can leave indentations in the fabric. ¬†With the Kaboost, your child will feel like they are part of the family when they can sit on the chair like everyone else. While I do not own a Kaboost, I have a friend who does so I have seen it and really like the concept. The one thing to remember, if your child is wiggly and still needs to be strapped in then a Kaboost will not work. If your child is old enough then the Kaboost may be your solution…no more booster seats or sitting on phone books (who even has any at home?).

My one wish would be for the Kaboost to come in a wood type finish…maybe to match chairs a little better! The colors and plastic look are a little bit of an eye sore. The universal gripe about the Kaboost is that the rubber feet do not allow you to scoot the chair. While this is a fantastic safety feature, it makes it difficult to move the chair in and out.

Overall, I think this is a genius product that can be used for a long time!