Baby Trend Close N Cozy Bassinet

Baby Trend may not be the largest company with the largest line of baby gear, but they are certainly a company that has a huge following and makes high quality products. Baby Trend came up with an ingenious idea, the Close N Cozy Bassinet which sits on top of a playard to bring your baby close and accessible to you at night. It is different than other playard bassinets in that it angles baby right next to your bed.

The Close N Cozy is portable and freestanding so it can be removed when no longer needed or just used on its own elsewhere in the house. The Close N Cozy Bassinet can be used for babies from birth up to 4 months or 15 lbs or 25 inches. The bassinet even has a light at the corner so you can see baby at night or easily change them. The Close N Cozy can be purchased separately or together with a playard so you can prop the bassinet on the playard during the newborn days and then move on to using the playard as a portable crib as baby gets older. The bassinet in conjunction with the playard will provide you with years of use.

The biggest complaint is that the bassinet and playard are hard to put together, it is heavy and bulky. Once you get the playard together then it is great but if you want a playard for transport then this is not the one for you.