Nursing Babe Wrap – A better way to nurse discreetly

babe wrap

A few weeks ago we wrote about the versatile delivery gowns of Dressed to Deliver. Today, we bring you the versatile Nursing Babe wrap for nursing mothers and after. The Nursing Babe Wrap is a stylish wrap that allows you to discreetly feed your baby in public. Designed to close securely and stay in place, the wrap prevents any accidental peek-a-boos. The extra long length ensure perfect coverage.

The versatility comes in when you are done nursing or just want to use it when not nursing. It doubles as a blanket for baby or a wrap to keep mom warm. It can be worn 3 ways:  open and flowing, draped over one shoulder, or crisscrossed closed. It is also available in 4 sizes (small, medium, large, x-large) and a variety of colors. Different than nursing tops or nursing covers, the Babe Wrap is a fashion statement that is also cozy, warm and elegant.

babe wrap1

Babe Wraps retail for $64.99 and are definitely a better alternative to those nursing covers that are never big enough to keep closed on the sides. I dealt with a nursing cover for all 3 of my children but it was what worked at the time. The Babe Wrap is one of those items you can use long term, whether you have a nursing baby or not (layering piece when traveling, yoga wrap, light jacket etc…).