The All New Boppy Baby Seat

Boppy is most known for its nursing pillow but recently they released a new product, the Boppy Baby Chair. The Boppy Baby Chair is designed to be used on the floor for babies 3 months and older who are not sitting unassisted. Once your baby can sit by them self then the Boppy Baby Chair can be strapped onto a chair. The skidproof bottom prevents it from slipping on the floor or a chair. The great thing about the Boppy Baby Chair is that it can be folded down to store away easily or to take on the go with the handy boppyhandle. The Boppy Baby Chair comes with a removable bolster (for smaller babies) and a removable dishwasher safe tray. If you are worried about the safety of the Boppy Baby Seat as many parents are of booster seats, this one has a 3 point harness and passes all US safety standards.

Now beyond the facts, the Boppy Baby Seat does not seem like a great use of your money. First of all, it is $59.99, which is quite a bit for a booster seat that you can only use until age 1. The Boppy Baby Chair is not made of hard plastic so it just does not seem as sturdy and couple that with only a 3 point harness, I am not sure it is super safe to be strapped on top of a chair. Finally, the tray is quite small which would make it difficult for feedings.

The Boppy Baby Seat is so new that there are almost no reviews from users. It is hard to tell if it will take off but my opinion is not very high which is disappointing considering it is from such a highly esteemed company.