Aqua Scale the 3-in-1 Digital Scale, Water Thermometer & Bath Tub

Most veteran moms would say that baby products that are multi-function are the best ones to buy.  Aqua Scale is one of those multi-function products, it is “the only digital scale to monitor your baby’s health + well being.” Aqua Scale is a 3-in-1 digital scale, water thermometer and bath tub.

Digital Scale:

  • Baby can be weighed with or without water
  • Software calculates baby’s precise weight adjusting for water and movement
  • Displays baby’s precise weight in pounds, ounce or kilogram
  • LCD stores baby’s previous weight

Water Thermometer:

  • Ensures water is not hot or too cold
  • Continuously monitors & displays water temperature in Celsius or Farenheit


  • Converts from newborn to toddler by removing insert once baby is able to sit unassisted
  • Use from birth to 24 months
  • Anti-slip pad keeps baby securely in place
  • Supports under baby’s arms and legs help to keep baby safely and securely positioned during bath time
  • Available in blue or white

I love the idea of the Aqua Scale because it allows parents to keep track of baby’s weight in between doctor visits. You can rest assured that your baby is gaining weight. All my children were very tiny as newborns and we constantly had to go to the doctor for weight checks, having a baby scale would have eliminated that one worry but having a scale that doubled as a bath tub would have been even better. I never bought a baby scale because we did not want to deal with 1 more piece of equipment in the house.

Of course a digital item can never be 100%, especially when water is concerned so some users have complained about inaccuracy (usually can be fixed with making sure you start the weight process as recommended), condensation on the water reader (only happened to some users) and battery malfunctioning if water gets in that area (just make sure everything is closed correctly).

The Aqua Scale is not perfect but it is close to being great considering all 3 functions in 1 product. It retails for $69.99 which is on the high end for just a bath tub but when you consider the 2 other features then you are getting a great price!

Here is a great video of the Aqua Scale in use!