Chewbeads New “Where’s the Pacifier?” Clip

Chewbeads are known for their wonderful teething necklaces and bracelets. What is not to love about them? They are useful teethers for babies and look kind of cool on mom too.


Chewbeads just recently their newest product, the “Where’s the Pacificer?” Clip. “Where’s the Pacifier?” Clip is a  100% silicone pacifier clip with select glow in the dark beads. You will never lose your baby’s pacifier ever again with this product. Easily find it in the middle of the night and easily clip onto baby so it does not fall on the ground. The pacifier clip is not meant to be a teether or a toy. Unforutnatly it is not safe with the hanging ribbon to be used for any other reason than its purpose. It is 100% safe by materials, as there are no BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, or metals in the product. It is also easily cleanable via soap and water.

My only wish is this could also be used as a teether. Why not figure out how to make it dual purpose so parents get a 2-for-1 Chewbeads product. I know this is besides the point but I also don’t love the name of the product. That does not take away from the product itself but that is my 2 cents.

Retailing for $15, “Where’s the Pacifier?” Clip currently comes in 4 different colors/styles.