Starbucks Order Ahead App






I know this is not totally relevant but in a way it is because we are tired parents who need caffeine to keep us going. Last week, Starbucks started testing a new app feature in 150 stores in Portland. You order and pay for your coffee through the app so all you have to do is walk in and pick up your drink. The only thing is that you cannot set a time when you want to pick up your drink but what it does for you is eliminate waiting in line to order. When you open the app and choose your location, an estimated wait time will appear, so you know how long it will take to get your coffee. I cannot wait for this new app to role out in other parts of the country. It should happen by the end of the year. I try not to be a daily coffee drinker but I do enjoy my coffee and need my caffeine on occasion.

Anyone else looking forward to Starbuck’s latest and greatest?