Obersee Diaper Backpacks will Change the way you Travel

Obersee is a company that creates cool gear for cool people! This family owned company has figured out a way to make functional, practical and stylish gear for kids all the way to adults. They even have gymnastics apparel for girls, I cannot wait until they expand to boys gymnastics apparel and gym bags. I will be the first to buy on for my son.

I recently stumbled upon Obersee and was fascinated by their Diaper Backpacks. The first thing that stood out to me is the detachable cooler. This backpack is truly a minimizer. The detachable cooler fits up to 3 bottles or snacks so you could virtually grab the detachable cooler for a quick errand but when you need more space, simple attach it to the backpack and you can carry everything you need hands free. There are 3 different of Obersee backpacks. Each has different features but they are all very ergonomic, durable, roomy and full of organizational pockets. Each backpack comes with a changing pad and the removable cooler.

Obersee really is only something with their backpack and removable cooler. The combined effect makes life that much more convenient for a busy parent. Obersee even has a backpack in a price range for every parent.

Obersee Rio – $69.99












Obersee Bern – $99.99











Obersee Oslo – $149.99