Creative Baby i-Mat and Voice Pen

These days, technology and toys go hand-in-hand. The i-Mat by Creative Baby is an interactive, foam play mat that your baby can crawl, lay, walk on and learn from. Creative Baby believes “that stimulating children’s minds through fun and engaging activities is the first step in unlocking their creative potential.  We develop our products to excite and entertain, to challenge and delight.”

The i-Mat consists of 4 large puzzles pieces that you put together to make the mat. The mat is chock full of colorfully illustrated animals (My Animal World) or sea creatures (Under the Seawith word clouds next to each animal to help baby associate the name of the animal with the picture.  Along with the mat comes a 2 GB Voice Pen (runs on 2 AAA batteries) that interacts with the mat. When the pen is pointing at the mat the pen comes to life with songs or words. The pen also is a voice recorder to capture those precious moments. As Creative Baby expands its line of mats, connect the pen to your computer via USB cable to download the evolving capability of the Voice Pen/i-Mat. 

As your baby gets older, they can play learning games (teaches vocabulary and comprehension) with the mat and the animals. The mat also works in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Chinese) to teach your child to be multi-lingual. To switch language mode, touch the top of the pen in the right corner of the mat to the flag of the country that you choose. 

The i-Mat comes with a carrying case for easy travel or storage and can be used inside or outside. For about $80 you can have the i-Mat and Voice Pen that can be used as a soft play surface for baby and then a learning toy.