Travel (plane) Tidbits


Many of you may have noticed and been wondering why BabyRecs has not posted in the past 2 weeks. There is a reason…I was out of the country with my family. We went to visit extended family and had a busy but fantastic trip away. I am happy that I went and my kids were even happier because they had a blast!

There were a few things I can take away from the trip and want share with you. With the holidays coming up and travelling happening soon, here is my wisdom that I can impart on you:

1. If flying, take a change of clothes for you and your child in your carry on. You never know when your child will need it. This time we were safe but last year my 6 year old (at the time) threw up on the plane and needed a wardrobe change mid flight. I had to change my shirt as a result. (I actually told me sister to bring a change of clothes for herself and luckily she did because her 2 year old threw up on the plane).

2. Do not try to regulate screen time. For the peace of yourself, your child and other passengers, allow your kids to watch as long as they want. Yes if they need to sleep then have them do so but you will have a smoother flight and so will your surrounding passengers if your children are content. My kids had more screen time on the flight than they ever get but I did not care because they were quiet and calm.

3. Bring snacks and do not expect your child to eat the airplane food. If they do then great, but if not then make sure you have choices because again don’t stress about the food situation, make everyone happy.

4. If your kids love screen time and you are not going to limit it then you won’t need other entertainment on the plane. Minimize your carry on items.

I hope these tidbits help with your travel as they have with mine. It has made for a much smoother plane flight for everyone involved.

Safe and Happy Travels!!