Latchy Catchy

A few months ago I was lucky enough to get a sample Latchy Catchy to try out. I did not think much of it but put it on my daughter’s door and it as been a lifesaver ever since. Little did a realize that such a simple idea would be such a useful idea.

The Latchy Catchy is a $10 door jammer. It is a rectangle piece of padded fabric (2″ x 6″) with elastic bands on each end. Simply attach it to the handle of any door so when you open or close the door it does not click thereby you do not risk waking up your sensitive baby.


  • Made of durable designer fabric
  • Fits all doors and knobs (lever, french handles, round knobs etc…)
  • Thick enough to keep the door tightly shut
  • Fabric designs to match any room or house decor
  • When not in use it hangs on the door knob

The greatest thing about the Latchy Catchy is that the room door will never slam. You can put baby to sleep and safely walk out or even check on baby at night without them hearing the click of the door. My daughter is such a light sleeper that the Latchy Catchy has been a lifesaver. I can open her room door when she is sleeping and she never hears the click.

Who would have thought the patent pending Latchy Catchy would be so necessary. Sure you can rig something to accomplish the same thing but the Latchy Catchy is only $10 and it looks good too.