SoapSox, As Seen on the Shark Tank


Most kids love bath time, but only for playing in the water. When it comes to soap time, many kids scream and cry because they despise that part of bath time. If only we did not need to scrub down. That brings me to a side note…have you heard the latest? Daily showers are not necessary, even for children!

Ok back to bath time, the 2 (dads) founders of Soapsox, a recent Shark Tank visitor, have figured out a way to make bath time pleasurable for children. Touted as the “next generation of washcloths,” Soapsox are water-friendly stuffed animals for the bath. Made with a soft terry cloth exterior and an anti-microbial sponge interior, each Soapsox character has an opening to place a bar of soap. All you do is, work the character into a lather with the soap and water and then you are ready to scrub away. To make things easy, each animal has 2 pockets on the side to slide your fingers in and get a good grip of the animal. Soapsox are washer and dryer friendly and come with a hang-drying loop so you can hang to dry after use.

soapsox use

Soapsox are a friendly way to do bath time. Kids love them and older kids can even soap themselves up easier rather than using a simple bar of soap or a washcloth. Soapsox are handy and fun!

For a limited time, Soapsox has a Shark Tank deal, buy 2 or more and get 30% off plus free shipping using code: SoapTank.