Keep the Monsters Away with Glow Away!


Is your child scared about going to sleep because of the dark? Do you need to keep a nightlight on for your child? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you may want to read more about Glow Away. Glow Away is a 4 piece set consisting of a book, duvet cover with matching pillowcase and keepsake box that helps children with their fears of the dark.

The book is about Boo (a made up yellow character) who teaches Sam a spell that will protect him from night time monsters. A 20 page story appropriate for children from 2-8 years old, the book is beautifully illustrated and easy to read. Following psychologists guidelines, the book helps children address their fears and anxiety about the dark.


The duvet is a magical twin sized that does not rely on batteries of electricity. Simply leave the lights on for 30 minutes prior to sleeping to recharge the light powered ink. Then when the lights are turned off the spell is illuminated on the duvet. The comforter is made of a super soft, machine washable, cotton percale. The blanket is available in pink or blue and also comes with a sham. If you do not have a duvet, simply use a blanket inside the duvet cover and you are set. The pillowcase matches with the cover.


Finally, the book and duvet cover come in a reusable, keepsake box. The box has a magnetic closure can be used for storage.  


The entire 4 piece package is $99 and may just very well be your answer to night-time worries. If you want to buy the set, then its for sale here but if you really like the product then Glow Away is also in their Kickstarter phase for 10 more days so you can get added perk by supporting them via Kickstarter.