A Good Little ELPH – Update: the Company has Closed up Shop!

Every parents worst nightmare is losing their child in public. On the flip side, it is also a scary experience for a child to lose sight of their parents in public. Young or old, we never want to risk losing our children in a crowd. ELPH, which stands for Emergency Look Up Phone Home, is a durable, waterproof wristband that is equipped with a unique serial QR code and matching ID code. PTPA award winner, ELPH Band, similar to a medical alert bracelet has all the pertinent information for you and your child to be reunited if separated in public. All your lost child has to do is find a “safe” adult who can then follow the instructions on the band to either call . the toll free number or scan the QR code. The ELPH band does not have any revealing information (not even the child’s name) unless the number is called and the ID is provided or the QR code is scanned. If either of those happen then an alert message is sent to the emergency contacts that the ID was scanned and will provide a current GPS location.


ELPH is easy to set and and start using. All that needs to be done is register the Band online or by downloading a QR reader to your smartphone. Then enter your child’s info, the unique serial band # and all emergency contacts (up to 3 contacts with email and phone numbers). If desired, additional info can be entered such as allergies, medical conditions or medication needs. The ELPH band purchase ($19.99) comes with 1 year subscription and thereafter subscription can be purchased on a yearly basis.

The ELPH band is available in 3 sizes and comes in 4 colors – pink, navy, purple and black.

I really love the idea behind the ELPH Band. It is not necessarily something that needs to be worn all the time (unless you want) but it is the best security for a parent when in public. It is way better than writing your phone number on your child’s arm or relying on them to remember your phone number in a stressful situation (losing their parent).