LunchBox Kids Board Game is a Blast

lunchbox kids

As I was on my quest to find holiday gifts for my kids, I stumbled upon this lesser known game that drew me in because it looked like such a fun family game. Newly patented “Lunchbox Kids” was created by a fitness trainer in Texas. Made for children 6+, the game requires reading but if you have an adult that can do the reading than virtually any age can play. All ready the recipient of numerous awards, Lunchbox Kids gets children involved in their own fitness and activity. 

The game involves earning golden tickets by rolling the food dice and landing on game spaces with trivia and fitness prompts; answering health and fitness questions from the 400 pop quiz cards and performing exercise challenges such as push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, frog jumps, stretches, and more. The game teaches them about cardiovascular disease, diabetes, LDL and HDL cholesterol, calories, muscles, bones, whole foods, processed foods, junk foods, macro-nutrients and how to make their body strong through exercise and good eating habits.

Lunchbox Kids is a start in fighting obesity. It takes kids away from the screen and into a fun active game. My children love playing the game and as a family it has been a blast. 

Lunchbox Kids is perfect for the classroom or home! It was a good buy but an expensive buy!