Mighty Twenty Tooth Fairy Pillow, Journal & Book


Front of the pillow with pocket for the tooth


A few months ago my middle son lost a tooth. I was online looking for ideas of how to make it a fun experience for him when I stumbled upon the Mighty Twenty website. It was too late for me to order anything from the website, but I was so fascinated by Mighty Twenty. I reached out to the founder Vilasinee and a collaboration was formed. Vilasinee sent me a pillow and book for review. Mighty Twenty makes losing teeth a special experience but also a fun memory for the child and parent.


Mighty Twenty is aptly named for the 20 baby teeth child loses. The Mighty Twenty Pillow I received is the elephant theme and will be used by my daughter to chronicle her tooth loss when her time comes. All the whimsical pillows feature a different animal and are deigned to be a colorful addition to room decor but also appeal to a child. Every pillow has a pocket on the back of the pillow that houses the Tooth Tracker Journal that comes with the pillow and a small pocket on the front to place the lost tooth. The pillow measures 9″ x 9″ x 3″. The Journal is chock full of fun teeth facts, diagram of the mouth, a page for each tooth to track when and how it was lost.

I also had a chance to read the hot off the press book, “Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go?” by Vilasinee Bunnag and illustrated by Yasmin Doctor ($15.95). The book is full of fun teeth facts, but also has an educational component. You as well as your child will learn how children in different parts of the world (U.S., Sweden, Brazil, Mexico…) celebrate tooth loss. With stories from almost a dozen countries, each country is authentically represented by beautiful illustrations and the tradition. The end of the book has the interactive component where your child can input their own country of residence and tooth loss tradition.

Mighty Twenty is a company dedicated to making high-quality keepsakes. The Mighty Twenty pillow, book, journal is the modern but non-technological (yes!) way to track this rite of passage. I am excited for my daughter to have the pillow in a few years. It will be fun for her and of course easy for me to find the tooth without risking her waking up.