Brica ComforTemp Infant Bather


The Brica ComforTemp Infant Bather by Munchkin is a small bath tub that works best for newborns. Durable and safe enough to start using on day 1, the ComforTemp is  2 piece system. The no slip silicone bather locks into the plastic water reservoir to create a stable bath environment. Small enough to place on a bathroom counter, the ComforTemp has rubber grips so it won’t slip on any surface. Emptying the water is easy, just open the drain plug over the sink or bathtub.Wipe down with water and soap to keep it clean.

Few complaints:

1. The tub is small and states it can be used from newborns up to 6 months but taller/larger babies may outgrow it sooner than that.

2. There is no hook to hang up the bathtub when not in use. It will take up space.

3. While the bather keeps baby safe from fully submerging them in the water, many babies will scream and cry from being cold. The only part of your baby that remains submerged in water is their behind.

The Brica ComforTemp is the bath to use until your baby is sitting and can be placed in the regular bathtub. It may be short lived depending on your baby’s size. If you are short on space, this does not collapse or hang to get it out of the way. On the other hand, $40 gets you a sturdy, safe, easy to use and clean, no mess bathtub.