Celebrate Diversity: Kickstart a Personalized Children’s Book by Crayon Crunch



Today I was approached by Mr. Kai Schmittat (I love his name, its my son’s nickname), who is the founder of Crayon Crunch.┬áThe idea behind Crayon Crunch is to create a personalized children’s book that celebrates diversity . The buyer can personalize the lead character in the book from everything to eye color, hair color, skin color, facial feature, hairstyle, clothing and even disability. The character personalization is created similar to how a video game avatar is created.


Customizable features



The first book from Crayon Crunch is “My Magical Adventure” and is 32 pages long.

book page

Mr.Kai just launched a Kickstarter campaign to get Crayon Crunch off the ground. If you love the idea of a very personalized children’s book that celebrates diversity, then please help with any type of donation you can muster.

I will say this, my kids all have personalized books with their name in it and they absolutely love the books. If the book had a main character that looks like them, then I can only imagine how much more they would love it.

Let’s help Mr. Kai make his dream come true!