Disney’s Tomorrowland Movie Review is Confusing


Disney’s Tomorrowland releases today! Don’t get too excited, the convoluted plot makes it challenging to follow. Jumping from the past to the present and the future in a 2 dimensional world is confusing. I took my almost 6 year old and almost 8 year old to see the movie. My oldest son appreciated the movie (did not love) and followed it for the most part, but he still needed my husband or I to do a little explaining. My youngest almost fell asleep, I do not think he followed anything. I really did not care for the movie and my husband thinks that if you are an activist or likes movies that encourage you to think about humanity, technology and advancement then you may enjoy Tomorrowland.

A former boy-genius (George Clooney) and a gifted teenager (Britt Robertson) set out on a dangerous mission to unearth the secrets of “Tomorrowland,” an enigmatic location caught between time and space.

Directed by Brad Bird (Ratatoullie and The Incredibles), Tomorrowland offers beautiful cinematography and a fun family adventure, but that is where the positives end. The movie is a layer after layer of story which makes it hard for the audience to keep up. This challenge will entice some but probably deter many. Sadly, I do not think I would highly recommend this movie for parents of young kids. Maybe 7 or 8 and above its doable, but still not the summer blockbuster that we hoped for.