Get Rid of Plastic, Buy Kupp


I have been slowly removing the plastic from my kitchen and turning to glass, ceramic and stainless steel. With all the information out there of why plastic is not safe (even if it is BPA free) I just don’t want to take that unnecessary risk anymore so I figure that my house is better off without the plastic. I recently discovered Kupp, which is a safe, eco-friendly drinking glass for slippery little hands. Kupp has made an appearance in my house and I vouch for these silicone sleeved glass cups.


  • Glasses are made of soda-lime and are lead & cadmium free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Silicone made from medical & food grade that is BPA and BPS free
  • 6 oz glasses
  • 5 cup sleeve colors – red, orange, green, blue, violet
  • $16.99 per cup or buy a 4 pack for $61.16 & free shipping

Kupp cups are big enough for adults and kids alike. Thee silicone sleeve protects the hands from slippery glasses and also protects the glass in case of droppage. I am a huge fan of Kupp, the size is the perfect serving size for kids beverages (water. milk or a homemade smoothie in my house).

FYI. The cups are easy to remove from the silicone sleeve. Just run under warm water and they will slip right out. Otherwise they are sturdy and won’t just slip out.