The Nutto Warms Your Milk Faster and Easier than you Can Imagine


We have covered electric bottle warmers, but how about a non electric bottle warmer that actually works when you are out of the house? The Nutto is a stainless steel, FDA approved, top grade bottle. So how is the Nutto unique? Well, thanks to an aerospace engineer/exasperated mom, Amy Striker, the Nutto was developed as a safe, simple, fast and effective way to warm your milk. The Nutto retains the heat of hot water, and it keeps the baby bottle submerged thanks to patent pending holding bristles which prevent bottles from “bobbing” in the water. The Nutto also accommodates most bottle sizes and containers. I was one of those moms who always had to carry around a thermos with warm water to warm up baby bottles for my children so this is an easy alternative to those days because you can just submerge the bottle in the Nutto instead of transferring the hot water from the thermos to another cup that will accommodate the bottle (which is what I always did at home).


Priced at $30, the Nutto just made life just easier for parents with warm milk, bottle fed babies.