iBesties: Dolls that Inspire STEM, Business, & Entrepreneurship (Kickstarter Campaign for 8 More Days)


iBesties: McKenna & Jada


When you go to the toy store, the doll section is chalk full of dolls, but none of them really encourage or promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), business or education. Two sisters, Jenae and Gina Heitkamp, started iBesties to give girls the dolls they love, but at least offer dolls that inspire them. iBesties are a group of 6 middle school friends who start a blog that goes viral. These diverse group of friends have such difference backgrounds and personalities but what they all have in common is that they are smart, fun and talented.


iBesties is your daughter’s new friend. Its a doll paired with a book that teaches girls about business, technology, teamwork and decision making. Marketed for girls 6-11 years old, the dolls are 11 inches tall with rounded child-like bodies.

iBesties is running their Kickstarter campgain for 8 more days. You can be one of the lucky few to pledge this campaign and be an early owner of a doll and or the first chapter book in the iBesties series.