My Unscientific Toy Experiment


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As of today, my kids are officially back in school which means I have more timeĀ on my hands. I can write unencumbered. I am sad to be back in school mode. As busy as the kids are during the summer, it is nice to not be on a schedule.

As I said in the past, my kids do not do a lot of camps in the summer since I am home and I do not like the schedule. With that in mind we are out and about a lot but we are also home often enough. The one thing I discovered this summer, is how few toys kids actually need to keep themselves entertained. We are in the process of moving so most of the toys are boxed up. The kids managed to entertain themselves really well without toys. I am also a stickler about electronics/TV so they don’t even watch TV on a daily basis. That means they really have to find ways to keep themselves busy at home. The kids were so happy playing with what little toys they have and making up their own games.

This was an unscientific, unplanned experiment that proved how materialistic we are and how few toys kids actually need to be happy. As a result, I have decided that I am not going to move the toys to the new house, I am going to donate most of them because I figure why add clutter when we proved this summer that they don’t need the clutter.

Just in case you are curious, my kids are 8, 6 and 3 1/2. The few toys we had indoors were board games, dolls for my little girl and 2 balls. This does not include their outside toys (bikes, scooters, balls etc…) which were readily available for outside play.

What do you think about my unscientific, unplanned experiment? Would you de-clutter and get rid of most of your kids toys?