PottyCover – The Best Protection from Public Toilets

Disclosure: I have received the PottyCover to facilitate to my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

potty cover

I’m a germ freak!

When I have to take my daughter to the restroom, I freak out. I absolutely detest it. Boys have it so much easier. My husband always assume that women are cleaner so women’s restrooms are cleaner. Sadly, its not true (as all of us women know). I honestly think men’s stalls are cleaner (if there are urinals) because at least the stalls are used less often.

Anyway, when I discovered PottyCover, I immediately contacted the owner, Garik Gyurjyan. Garik send me 2 packs for review and I am so happy that he did, because I need this!

PottyCover is a disposable toilet seat cover…that covers the sides and front of the toilet, to keep away germs and wetness. Made of a soft on-woven fabric on top and plastic on the bottom, a barrier is created from any wetness on the toilet. These are not the seat covers that you find in some public restrooms.

The first time I used the PottyCover, I was so happy. The front has a long flap so clothes and legs do not touch any party of the toilet. The sides are also long enough so if your child needs to put their hands down, they are only touching the PottyCover. My daughter was fully protected when I took her to a public restroom and I was thoroughly pleased. Nothing grosses me out more than a public restroom.

Each PottyCover is individually wrapped so they are easy to slip into your purse or bag on the go. A pack of 6 retails for about $6. Hey $1 per cover is a small price to pay for germ protection. Everyone on Amazon even loves them!