Tuckaire Travel Bed for Toddlers and Kids – Your Vacation Must!

travel bed

Just because summer is ending, doesn’t mean that vacations have to end. It may not mean now but soon enough the kids will be sleeping at grandparents house and a travel bed will make it so much more convenient. The Kids or Toddler Travel Bed by The Shrunks is the best way to solve bed space problems. These portable air beds come in indoor or outdoor options. The indoor beds require an electric pump to inflate in seconds (30 for the toddler bed and 60 for the kid bed). A fume safe bed, BPA free, phthalate free and lead free, The Shrunks beds are safe for kids. The trademarked security rails prevents your child from falling off and its patented design allows for sheets to be tucked in around the inner mattress to keep the sheets off the floor and from moving around. The Toddler Bed is smaller and more lightweight than the Kids Bed. The toddler bed utilizes a crib size sheet and the kid bed utilizes a twin size sheet.

One added bonus is that users are stating that the toddler bed is not that small so kids are using it beyond the age of 6. It has a weight capacity of 150 pounds so it can last for quite a while. The Kid bed has a weight capacity of 300 pounds so essentially an adult can use it to.

The one negative to the travel beds is that the air pump is very loud (in the case of most air pumps) which may be a problem in a hotel or if you all ready have a sleeping child. This is a minor problem to a major solution solver.

Many people are using the Travel Bed as a the transition bed from crib to “big kid bed.” Its an easy way to get a child used to a regular bed because its on the ground so there is no risk of injury from falling off. In addition the Tuckaire Travel Bed is so convenient for travel. It is lightweight and portable with its very own storage bag and air pump.

The Toddler Bed retails for $59.99 and the Kid Bed retails for $69.99.