Kinsa – The Smartest Thermometer on the Block


The flu, colds and sickness seems like it was been worse this winter season than other years. I can be wrong but from my amateur observation and experience I feel like there are more kids getting sick, including my own. These illnesses have had us using the thermometer a lot more this season. Just because of the sickness this year, I need a Kinsa.

The Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer is the newest must-have healthcare gadget for parents. The Kinsa connects to a smartphone via the headphone jack. The thermometer is a typical thermometer that can be used orally, rectally or under the arm. The other end of the thermometer goes into the phone. Via the free app from the Apple Store or Google Play, the thermometer reading appears in 10 seconds. An animated screen on the phone (floating bubbles which will soon be a game) entertains children so they won’t get up or move around mid-reading. No batteries required for the thermometer so it will never die. To reuse the thermometer between people, simple replace the disposable probe cover. The thermometer even comes with an optional extension cord.

The app provides a lot of services such as temperature, symtoms and medication tracking, illness progression with optional place to upload pictures to send to your doctor. The app is super easy to use and allows for the tracking of more than one child.

Finally Kinsa’s selling point is the coming-soon “Under the weather” map. The map will show you the illnesses that are prevalent in your area and what to watch out for. Data for illnesses are anonymously gathered. This is great for parents so we know when to stay home or just make sure we are keeping our hands extra clean.  Another feature is the ability to create a group for friends or a school so parents can keep abreast of the sicknesses in that particular group. Information is our first defense against spreading illnesses.

Kinsa is only $29.99, which is more expensive than other thermometers but it is also unique and has features that most of us parents would appreciate.