B.Box Baby Bottle & Formula Dispenser for On-the-Go Formula-Feb Babies


The all new b.box baby bottle and formula dispenser is a problem solver for parents on the go. Formula fed babies will love the bottle and parents will love the dispenser aspect. Scoop formula into the dispenser, attach the dispenser to the bottle and then fill the bottle with water. Once your baby is ready to drink, push the dispenser portion up and then shake. This bottle solves a big problem for parents who formula feed. Taking formula on the go and then measuring while on the go is a messy job (not to mention challenging if you are balancing a baby on your hip). The b.box bottle and dispenser makes life easy so as soon as your baby needs milk, the bottle is ready to go. When at home, the bottle can be used without the dispenser to reduce the bulk of the bottle.


I had the opportunity to test out the bottle and dispenser to see how it would work. Since I do not have an infant or formula anymore, I had to improvise. I used instant tea powder and water to test how well the bottle works. It would have been a sight, but no, I did not drink from the bottle, I poured my tea into a mug. I was impressed by how easy the bottle and dispenser is to use. My complaint about the bottle is leakage. The other problem that can be resolved with practice is that all the parts are a pain to remove and then put back perfectly well and tight. If not put together right and tight, you will end up with problems (leakage).

Currently the bottle is available in only the the 8 oz size in 4 different colors. Various nipple stages can be used with the bottle so you can use this bottle with a newborn.

The b.box bottle & dispenser retails for $24.99 which is steep. It is just nice having a problem solver that you did not realize was a problem until you are in the boat. All you need to do is learn how to use the bottle and then you will love it!